Blood Farm in Groton: Employee Fire Assistance

Employee Fire Assistance

Welcome to the Blood Farm website. Part of our charm is that we do things the old-fashioned way, and as a result we have never had a website before. One day this site will be all about the farm, but for the next few months it is dedicated to helping our employees.

On the morning of Sunday December 29, 2013, Blood Farm in Groton, Massachusetts caught fire. The story is recounted here. After the smoke cleared, 20 people who had affectionately called Blood Farm “home” found themselves out of work. These folks come from towns all around Groton. Some have worked at the Farm for decades, some for just a couple of months. Most have been here for years. The work is hard but this is a place where people can feel good and valued and accepted for who they are.

Blood Farm will be rebuilt. When we reopen, anyone who worked for us at the time of the fire has an offer to come back. But in the meantime, many of our employees are in deep trouble. They are getting some aid from the state but almost to a person, that aid doesn’t even come close to covering their modest needs. The outpouring of offers to help has been humbling. The first thing that many customers ask is, “What about the employees?” In response, a group of people  has put together a means for people to donate financially or to provide goods and services.

Donations will be managed by an experienced trust fund administrator. A set of reasonable criteria is in place to assure that funds are used efficiently and for the most urgent needs first.

To help out financially, click here to donate securely with a credit card or PayPal.

To see more details about the various needs (including financial) and how to make other kinds of donations, click through to our Ways to Help page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and for your willingness to consider providing assistance to the displaced employees of Blood Farm in Groton.

Note: This effort is independent of Blood Farm (though one Blood family member advises us). The Farm’s com­mitment to their employees is obvious, as is their employees’ com­mitment to them. We do not presume to know what Blood Farm is doing or could afford to do for its employees. We only know that these people are in serious need of help and that many people have asked how they can provide it. Our effort answers that question.

See The Groton Line’s report on the fundraiser results!

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